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Valve Standard Status

Time:2021-11-12 17:28:49 writer:小編 PV:

Valves; standard; the status quo; Development
Valve products are widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, nuclear power, metallurgy,
electric power, water, large-scale coal-chemical industry, valves, increasing the total product, valve
technology continues to evolve, valve application areas are continuously expanding, and of the
corresponding valve standards are becoming increasingly underlines its importance. This article
describes the following aspects of the valve a standard development profile, system composition,
the standard status quo, to adopt international standards and developments.
1, China's valve industry to adopt international standards of
The adoption of international standards and the adoption of advanced foreign standards is an
important one standardization policies. Valve Standard is also actively implementing this policy, in
the basic standards, methods, standards and product standards with a large number of international
and foreign advanced standards, improve the standard of our valve technology.
(1) use of international standards
Corresponds to international standards for the valve to adopt international standards in table 1.
International Standard Serial Number International Standard Name (Chinese) corresponds to our
standard number
1 ISO 6552:1980 Automatic steam traps term GB/T12250-2005 NEQ
2 ISO 6553:1980 Automatic steam traps logo
3 ISO 6554:1980 Automatic steam traps Structure Size
4 ISO 6704:1982 Automatic steam traps category GB/T12247-1989 MOD
5 ISO 6948:1981 Automatic steam trap performance characteristics of test GB/T12251-2005 NEQ
6 ISO 7841:1988 Automatic steam traps - the definition of leakage of steam - Test methods
7 ISO 7842:1988 Automatic steam traps - Determination of displacement test method
8 ISO 5208:2008 Industrial valves - valve pressure test GB/T13927-2008 MOD
9 ISO 5209:1977 General Valve logo GB/T12220-1989 MOD
10 ISO 5752:1982 pipe flange connection with the structural dimensions of metal valves
GB/T12221-2005 MOD
11 ISO 5996:1984 Cast iron gate valve
12 ISO 6002:1992 valve cover bolts connecting the steel gate valve
13 ISO 7121:2006 Steel ball valve for industrial use common GB / T 12237-2006 NEQ
14 ISO 7259:1988 Buried with the button-operated cast iron gate valve
15 ISO 10434:2004 Petroleum, petrochemical and related industries valve cover bolts connecting
the steel gate valve GB / T 12234-2007 NEQ
16 ISO 10497:2004 valve testing - fire-resistant type test requirements
17 ISO 10631:1994 General Metal Butterfly GB / T 12238-2008
18 ISO 12149:1999 valve cover bolts to connect the common steel globe valve
19 ISO 15761:2002 Petroleum and natural gas industries Nominal size DN ?? 100 steel gate valve,
ball valve and check valve is being turned into
20 ISO 15848-1:2006 Industrial valves. Fugitive medium leakage measurement, testing and
qualification procedures. Part 1: Valve type test procedures for the classification and identification
21 ISO 15848-2:2006 Industrial valves. Fugitive medium leakage measurement, testing and
qualification procedures. Part 2: Valve product acceptance test is being translated into
22 ISO 17292:2004 Petroleum, petrochemical industry with metal ball GB / T 12237-2006 NEQ
23 ISO 5210:1991 Industrial valves - Multi-turn valve actuators connected GB/T12222-2005
24 ISO 5211:2001 Industrial valves - part of the rotary drive connection GB/T12223-2005 MOD
25 ISO 4126-1:2004 over-voltage protection safety devices. Part 1: Safety valves GB/T12241-
2005 MOD
26 ISO 4126-4:2004 over-voltage protection safety devices. Part 4: Pilot-type safety valve is being
turned into